The childrens home

Born Like Others
The name “Born Like Others” means every child is born like another; the privileged, the orphan, the disabled, the uneducated, the sick or the homeless. We believe that all people are equal before God and they should be treated with equal respect, love and care. We believe everyone has been created by God for a purpose but because of circumstances and challenges, some people live an un-desirable life that God never meant for them.

We have a holistic approach in our care for the children which includes housing, food, clothes, education, medical care and socialization to help them become well balanced members of the community. We believe that the holistic care goes beyond providing for our children’s basic needs. We aim to empower our children and build their confidence by helping them discover what they really enjoy whether that be singing, dancing, painting and we support these skills especially during the holiday programs and outings.

Our program consists of street children, orphans and the needy. Some of these children are fully supported in our residential home Born Like Others as well as within the community.

We believe we are making tremendous changes in the lives of these children. Thank you for your consideration to help us.