About Us

Founded in 2011 by then 19 year old Ugandan Robert Twinomujun, Born like Others is a program that cares for the most vulnerable children and youth of Uganda. It’s registered under the name  ‘Let’s Serve Christ Ministries’ which is a nonprofit Non-Governmental Organization. Today, Robert runs the organization with a supportive team and Board to ensure the best quality of care for all of the children served by the home.

Born Like Others currently provides for the needs of over 40 children at their full time residential home. This program also provides assistance with school fees, school supplies and clothing for an increasing number of needy children within the community.

Born Like Others takes on a holistic approach in their care for the children which includes housing, food, clothes, education, medical care and socialization to help them become well balanced members of the community. A core belief within their organization is that the holistic care goes beyond providing for our children’s basic needs. They aim to empower their children and build their confidence by helping them discover what they really enjoy, whether that be singing, dancing, or painting . The staff and volunteers support these skills,  especially during the holiday programs and outings.

Let’s Serve Christ Ministries (LSCM) is a Christian non-profit organization that aims to take care of orphans and vulnerable children while also contributing to evangelism & outreach efforts in our community here in Masaka, Uganda.

This organization started in 2011, it is registered as a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) under registration number 10910, It is comprised of two programs; the Orphanage ( Born Like Others) and Outreach & evangelism.

The challenge of orphans in this part of the world goes back a while now because of the many challenges that our society has gone through, especially war and disease. Many people died in the past wars that brought the different governments into power in Uganda and Masaka was no exception to the problem.

But the biggest contribution to the situation of orphans and vulnerable children was probably brought by the scourge of HIV/AIDS that wiped out many families and left many child headed households and a community that couldn’t take care of their own.

The orphan problem escalated past the 3 million number in the country with the worst hit area being Masaka and the surrounding communities.

LSCM is one of those at the front line in this fight. Being a Christian organization, we also aimed from the start to contribute to the evangelism efforts of our community, knowing as we do the impact of a Christ transformed life.

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